Data Governance

Getting your data under control is more and more becomming a key strategic issue. You need to digialize your business to compete, og youo need to automate processes with robotics, but your data quality does not support this. Fixing the data quallity requires more than just corrcting the data. You have to ensure that your policies, processes etc. ensures continued fit for purpose data

Program and projects

Projects fail. actually most of them fail for a number for reasons, but mostly because the project manager is not the right person with the right skills and because the management sponsoring the projects is not sufficiently engaged in the project, setting the goals and driving the change in the organization.

Managing Change

Ensuring that people adopt the changes that companies invest in is difficult. Many companies have invested in IT systems an process automations just to realize that people find an excuse to continue working as always, blaiming the new system or that they had not been adequately trained. People need to comfortable with the changes, see what is in it for them and be led to the new reality by someone they trust.

Identity Access Governance

All businesses are becomming more and more dependent on the integrity and security of their It systems. Generally though most leaks or intrusions stems from inside the company because employees have more access that they should, access is not removed when they leave or there is insufficient control in the company on access. ´Gorvernance processes and Access Management systems are becomming a must for companies to ensure they are safe.

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