2018 – 2020 (1 Year 5 Months)
Omada, Engagement Manager – Identity and Access Management implementation

Project- and Engagement Management of a several complex European customers in Financiel Services, Telecom, Public and Healthcare industries into Omada’s Identity and Access Management Software with both on-premise and SaaS based services. Primary results have been to manage project teams to successful implementation of the the software, stakeholder management of key customer stakeholders on all levels, contract management including negotiations of complex professional servies and opetations agreements and additional sales of consulting services to key executive customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France and the Netherlands including managing Omada executives to close the agreements. Monthly costs analysis and management of costs on fixed price budgets, RFCs etc. with presentations to management board.


2017 – 2018 (1 Year 4 Months)
Banedanmark, Program Manager – Process automation (SAP FI/CO, SD, MM and Concur TEM)

Program Management of a complex finance development program with 5 projects covering: Invoice processing (including robotics), approval processes according to strict public compliance rules (workflow solutions and Concur TEM), data quality and master data management, and automation of payment processes with strict financial controls and implementation of the Danish NEM payment system. The program required rigorous monthly cost analysis and reporting to the CFO.


2015 – 2017 (1 Year 2 Months)
Nets, Program Manager – HR strategisk development og implementering (SAP HR, SuccessFactors, ADKAR)

”Trustet Advisor” and program manager for the Executive Vice President, Head of HR delivering in the following areas: Development and implementation of an HR Servicemodel including complete re-engineering of HR processes, Data quality improvements on SAP HR, Nordic rollout of SuccessFactors, Development of a new HRIS strategy based on how to utitize IS as an HR strategic enabler and outsourcing of Payroll processes. In addition to interim management responsibility for the SAP team of 15 people. OCM Strategy was developed and implemented, including surveys, communication, maneger’a activities, training and recruitment plans.


2015 (3 Months)
RSA Scandinavia, Program Office Manager - Enterprise Finance (SAP, Agresso, MS AX, ADKAR, Cost Management)
Responsible for establishing a PMO (Program Management Office) in the Finance department. The PMO was implemented with processing baset on PMI methods for strategic planning, project and
portefolio management, project management and business transformation management and ADKAR for Organizational Change Management. Projects under PMO control were ERP project for migrations of general ledger from SAP FI and Agresso to MS AX. The PMO also delivered Master Data Management for General Ledger Account master data across Scandinavia. The PMO furthermore managed the Finance Change stack budget including cost analysis forecast and reporting using Earned Value method


2014 - 2015 (6 Months)

RSA Scandinavia, Project Sponsor - Enterprise performance management (SAP BO)

Owner of a project to collect requriements, develop a business case, develop PDR and RFI/RFP material to replace the enterprise performance management system from Infor MPC to SAP Business Objects and define new processes for operational planning, cost allocation and financial consolidation


2014 - 2015 (3 Months)

RSA Scandinavia, Project Manager - Finance Process Governance (SAP FI and Business Objects)

Responsible for establishment of Finance process governance in the company. All processes were identified documented and re-engineered including applying process KPIs to all processes. Process documentation was published on a portal and rolled out to all relevant employees.


2012 - 2015 (3 Year 4 Months)
RSA Scandinavia, Program manager - Solvency II og Data Warehouse/BI

Responsible for a large program to build a new enterprise data warehouse to ensure that the company could deliver data for calculations of capital reserves, technical provisions and produce reporting to fulfill the requirements in the Solvency II regulations.


2012 - 2013 (8 Months)
RSA Scandinavia, Project manager – Solvency II and Business Compliance

Responsible for managing regulatory process to address the Swedish Financial Services Authority’s criticism of the data readiness of the company in preparation for Solvency II. This included organizing, planning and conducting more than 20 meetings to present the readiness and obtain approval.


2011 - 2012 (10 Months)
RSA Scandinavia, Program manager – Solvency II and data quality

Responsible for a project to assess and improve the data quality of all relavant data to ensure Solvency II compliance. This included analysis of data in more than 40 data systems and delivered accurate, complete and appropriate data in all systems as a basis for compliance.


2011 (3 Months)
RSA Scandinavia, Program manager – Solvency II and data policy

Responsible for at project to develop and implement a data policy specifically aimed at ensuring compliance according to the Solvency II requriements. The project was staffed with highly specialized ressoruces from big 4 consuntancy firms with actuary and compliance skill. The results included a policy, several SOPs and an organizational structure with a data governance board and working group. Furthermore, the policy was implemented using e-learning.


2010 - 2012 (1 Year 3 Months)
RSA Scandinavia, Project Sponsor and manager – Information Management
Responsible for developing a complex strategy for information management in the company. The work included: a) Stakeholder management, b) Evaluation and selection of platform technology and c) Strategy for data quality and data management og master data, actuarial data and big data.


2010 – 2010 (3 Months)

RSA Scandinavia, Project manager – SAP HR payroll outsourcing

Project management and supplier management for outsourced payroll processeses. The processeses performed poorly with errors in payroll and reporting. I identified the root causes and implemented governance and changes to the processes including changes to the vendors solution to correct the problems.


2010 (3 Months)

Maersk, Project Manager – Web platform

I took over project management of this project from a consultant who was going on paternity leave. I was responsible for finalizing the deliverables and closing down the project. The project delivered a new web platform and several sites for the customer and consisted of a team from Denmark and China. The project ran on a tight economy and deadlines and was finalized with a satisfied customer.


2010 (1 Month)
Novo Nordisk QA, Project Manager – Business case for system aquisition

Project manager and consultant responsible for developing a business case for investment in a Phamacovigiance system. The customer chose Oracle Argus, based on the specified requirements. The project identified tangible benefits and a clear benefit realization plan.


2010 (3 Months)
Lundbæk, Project Manager – Strategy for globalization and standardization of IT

Project manager and consultant for a project to develop a stragy for GxP compliant globalization of the customer’s infrastructure from country and region based to being globalized and standardized. The recommendation resulted in a large cost saving.


2009 (2 Months)
Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri, Project Manager – Efficency of Service Desk

Project manager and consultant for a project that analyzed the efficiency of the organiation’s service-desk and made recommendations for several improvements in processes and organization.


2009 (4 Months)
Saxo Bank, Program Manager – Due Dilligence and contract for IT outsourcing

Responsible for a consulting engagement to produce a due dilligence, design a solution, prepare a proposal and contract for outsourcing of IT operations and support. The project was devided into 3 workstreams: Analysis of the customer’s AS-IS setup, gap-analysis, Service Management design based on ITIL processesses and people transition. As the overall engagement manager, I was involved in all areas of the project and for complex stakeholder management at both the customer and supplier sides. Furthermore, I was responsible for the cost analysis and pricing calculations presented to the NNIT Board for approval


2009 (2 Months)
Novo Nordisk, Project Manager - Business Case for applikations replacement.

Project manager and consultant for development of a business case for replacement of an eCTD software that Novo used to manage documentation and the regulatory process when introducing pharmaceutical products on new markets.


2007 - 2008 (10 Months)
Lifecycle Pharma, Project Manager – Establishment of IT services and operations

Responsible for building a new IT department to support the company’s offices in Denmark and USA including sales force, clinical functions and administration. The project included GxP validation of infrastructure for a laboratory in Denmark and establishment of a CFR 21 part 11 validated system to manage data and submissions to FDA.


2008 - 2009 (6 Months)
Lifecycle Pharma, Project Manager – Upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP

Project manager for upgrading of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP løsning. The work was done by an external implementation partner in corporation with internal ressources from Denmark and USA.


2004 – 2007 (3 Years)
Dansac, Project Director – Implementation of SAP R/3

Project manager responsible for implementation of SAP R/3 in the company. The implementation was a full SAP solution with all moduels: MM, PP, PM, FI, CO, WM, SD. The project also implemented automization in the manufacturing area which including had held terminals. The project was initiated by a comprehensive strategic analysis and was completed with a complex virtual team of specialists from the USA based parent company and key ressoruces from the affiliate business. The project implemented support for local and global processes including master data management of material masters, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signatures for labelling and SOPs for the company QMS system. I was responsible for an investment budget 220 MDKK and for Change Management activities covering employees from the shop floor across the entire administrative, management and operational areas of the company


2003 (7 Months)
Dansac, Project Owner – Implementation of HR og Shop Floor system

Implementation of standard HR and Shop Flor system to manage manufacturing staff working hours, payroll, personnel administration and collect data on production orders. A major change management effort was required to adopt the new processes and technology in the plant functions.


2003 (4 Months)
Hollister, Quality Manager – Implementation af SAP R/3

Responsible for testing and quality control during the implementation of SAP R/3 in an affiliate with sales company with distribution and warehouse in the UK. The project implemented support for local and global processes including master data management of material masters that were used globally.


2001 (4 Months)

Factoring company in Bruxelles Belgium, Project Manager – Development of system

I was called in to rescue a project that had big problems such as huge budget overrun and shedulde delays of deliverables to the customer. The project used external programming factories in Ireland and India. After a thorough analysis of the commercial and technical situation I intiated identification of alternatives and completed the project by finding a standard software solution and delivering an implementation of this by the vendor.


2001 (5 months)
Carlsberg, Transition Manager – Outsourcing of IT operations and support

As part of the outsourcing of IT operations and support to EDS I was responsible for the transition project. This included building a receiving infrastructure, intiation of services and establishing SLA and transition of employees


2000 - 2001 (7 Months)
Coca Cola, Transition Manager – Outsourcing of application management (SAP)

As part of the outsourcing of SAP application management to EDS I was responsible for the transition project. This included building a new team of support staff developing and negotiating SLA and transition of services from the SAP program to IS operations.


2000 (6 Months)

EDS, Project Manager – Development of SaaS solution (SAP)

Project manager for a project to develop a Software as a Service product in a joint venture between EDS, HP and SAP


2000 (6 Months)
Coca Cola, Transition Manager – Development of SAP infrastructur and operations.

Responsible for establishing en SAP infrastructure for the outsourcing of operations to EDS. The work included building a robust infrastructure to cover 24/7 operations for factories in the Nordic contries and transition of operational services from the program in Sweden.


1999 (8 Months)

Ecranas Litauen, Engagement Manager – Implementation of SAP

Consulting engagement with implementation of SAP in a smaller production company that produced TV tubes in Lithuania. The project implemented FI, CO, MM and PP and made considerable efficiency improvements in the company.


1999 (6 Months)

Telecom virksomhed Letland, Engagement Manager – Implementation of SAP

Consulting engagement with implementation of SAP in a telecom company in Latvia. The project implemented FI, CO, and billing modulues from SAP’s industry solution for the telecom industry.


1999 (4 Months)

Ventspils Nafta Letland, Engagement Manager – Implementation of SAP

Consulting engagement with implementation of SAP in a smaller oil distribution company I Latvia The project implemented the FI, CO and PM modules


1998 - 1999 (8 Months)

Total Exploration and Production Paris, Frankrig, Project Manager – SAP Rollout

Consulting engagement with advisory in connection with a global rollout of SAP with IS-JVA. The project delivered analysis of requirements, proof-of-concept and support to the rollout for the SAP CO and IS-JVA in the upstream oil business.


1997 - 1998 (1 Year 6 Months)

Ciba SC Basel, Schweiz, Project Manager – SAP Rollout

Consulting engagement with advisory and project managenent in connection with a global rollout of SAP. The project defined global and local requriements, defined a template and ran localization projects throughout the company.


1996 - 1997 (9 Months)

CRI Financial Systems, Project manager – Development of an FX trading system

Project manager for the continued development of an FX trading system, tading on-line against the Copenhagen stock exchange. The system was an, at the time, advanced client-server solution using OS/2 from IBM as the platform.


1995 - 1996 (6 Months)

Nesa, Project manager – Development of an electricity grid simulation tool.

Project manager for a project that developed a highly advanced simulation tool for the electricity grid.


1995 - 1996 (6 Months)

Unifinans, Project manager – Development of a car financing application

Project manager on a project to develop a system for car dealers to offer finane of cars from the bank.


1994 (4 Months)

DSB Gods, Project manager – Establishing service-desk services (SAP)

Project manager for a project to establish a service-desk for SAP. The project included establishing the infrastructure to run a service-desk and starting up staff to support users.


1993 - 1994 (1 Year 1 Month)

Bank Imperial, Moskva Rusland, Project Manager – implementation of banking systems

Technical project manager for a project to implement several standard banking systems the reposnibilities included establishing of infrastructure, gap analysis of functionality and implementation of functionality in the applications.



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